1. I would to know what material do you like on your shoes/heels leather or patent?
    Which on easy to take care and easy wear and hard to tear etc.

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  2. Leather all the way for heels. The first time you gouge a patent heel...ugh. There's no repairing it. But I like patent flats. I have some patent red Repetto ballerina flats. Patent wipes clean beautifully, but once it's torn, forget it.
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  3. I have m-a-n-y shoes, booties, and boots. Most are traditional leathers, I also have quite a few patents. It depends what look you want to achieve in any given situation. I love patent for dressy occasions. Patent is also good in inclement weather to an extent (easier to clean). I won't wear my most expensive leathers in bad weather, but I'll wear patent Louboutin's.
  4. Leather.

    As said above patent is a nightmare once it's dinged. I learned that with patent handbags the hard way. :sad:
  5. I much prefer leather shoes than patent. I'm also not a big fan of patent bags either
    I think that leather is easier to repair & maintain & doesn't always have that stiff look that some patent
    shoes have.
  6. Leather ! I'm not a fan of patent at all :doh:
  7. My shoes come in all kind of materials but I definitely prefer plain leather over patent. Suede is probably my favourite which is not great if you live in London...
  8. i like the look of leather way better but patent is easier to maintain
  9. Love patent most, but leather a close second. How much? I have 2 pairs of patent pumps at work for everyday. Easy to shine, perfect for professional wardrobe, esp when you're bus casual, and I can wear them in rain when doing coffee run across street.

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  10. Leather! I dont like patent, it scratches easily, looks worn, doesnt stretch and the list goes on...
  11. Always leather. Patent makes leather look like plastic!

    Leather goods last long if they are taken care of properly. Simple ways like cleaning the insides of your shoes everytime you remove them, and giving your handbags and shoes a good clean and condition regularly will go a long way.
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  12. Leather looks nicer, but patent is so much more carefree. I don't have to worry about rain (it's rainy season in the Bay Area right now), or getting stepped on as much as when I wear leather. You do have to be careful storing patent and not dinging it, but I think it's good to own both for different occasions.
  13. I like and have both. Soft leather (like AGL) is the most comfortable for me, and really it holds up pretty well, most of my shoes from them actually have patent toe caps so that probably helps with wear and tear. I have quite a few patent shoes too (other brands), stiletto pumps, wedges, flats, patent you can wipe clean which is nice but it is stiffer. I have a patent Ferragamo Vara bow short block heel pump as well as a patent Stuart Weiztman platform higher pump, and both of those are pretty comfortable and I can wear all day or for like walking around a mall, but they are not like wearing AGL's. Weekdays when I'm working, I wear AGL probably 3-4 days per week (I don't think about how my shoes/feet are feeling at all on those days) and then like 1-2 days I will wear a different pair of shoes that isn't as comfortable but I want to be different/fashionable. I can't do shoes that aren't very comfortable everyday though.