1. I just bought the Amberford packable trench from Bloomingdales. I love it but it really needs to be shortened. I didn’t realized it till I really started trying it on at home. The Bloomingdales I bought it at and a Burberry boutique are both an hour away. The Burberry boutique had no Amberfords and had none available online to order. My question is does Bloomingdales do alterations? I’m a little surprised my SA didn’t say she felt it was long on me. It’s brand new so I hate taking it to a tailor myself. What should I do? Take it back to Bloomingdales? And if they won’t do it will the Burberry boutique do it? There is also a Nordstrom at this mall and they show this coat online, I suppose I could return the Bloomingdales one and buy it at Nordstrom if they’ll do the alterations. TIA for any suggestions.
  2. The boutique should be able to assist with measuring and shortening sleeve length..