1. Thanks for the pics, it's authentic.
  2. Hi.

    I did an exchange for my ps11 mini classic, can you help to authenticate the new piece? Thanks again :smile:
  3. Hi, it's authentic.
  4. That’s wonderful. Thanks a lot!
  5. FYI...be careful with that listing. The seller is using photos from another bag listed on eBay.
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  6. Hello again!
    these are real pictures of bag:smile:

    What do you think?
  7. Hi and thanks for the pics, it looks ok so far but I'd like to see closeup pics of the stamped PS letters inside the bag (below the zipper) and inside the pocket.
    This is the Extra Large size.
  8. Thank you for answer and I have some pics from seller like this:
  9. Thanks for the pics, it's authentic.
  10. 9C92FAE9-A874-4DE5-AD91-9BB9831C1194.jpeg 2454FE6D-6198-4B12-B32F-9190E10C1A7E.jpeg 2D7A1BC1-C2B8-452D-8C56-BEB2FA107128.jpeg 25F71C59-FA5E-4CCD-BC61-ED3241DF2715.jpeg F18E75DE-39AC-421C-B49A-4B17831F693F.jpeg 24F81951-E807-4140-8C0C-07C08753F6BF.jpeg 3E7E643B-4011-4FD4-9B0F-F796A7107868.jpeg ACB4AB13-C9CF-46DB-B16D-F0C986680D76.jpeg 3E66C23E-0511-4931-BB97-9BB57EB107BB.jpeg D6A3E71E-B9F3-4861-83AF-70DE0E5AB9B4.jpeg Hi, i’m a new member :smile: is this Proenza Schouler real?
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    Hi, i recently bought this bag. I think its an older model of the PS1 because it doesnt have the tag inside the inner pocket of the bag. If any more pictures are needed, I'm more than happy to send some. Thank you!
    IMG_1425.JPG IMG_1423.JPG IMG_1424.JPG IMG_1421.JPG IMG_1422.JPG IMG_1417.JPG IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1419.JPG IMG_1426.JPG IMG_1412.JPG