1. Hey, do you still have one for 40%, would appreciate it!
  2. okay, too many people posted in here. I don't know who first
    So I decided I have 40% PM me. first come first serve.
    after I PMed you the code. please put (claimed it) in here
  3. I have a 40% code, pm if you need it
  4. This has been claimed
  5. I need a code! Anyone?
  6. IMG_20171222_104440.jpg
  7. Did anyone get an after Xmas sale flyer in the mail? I believe I have always received it right before Xmas but not this time
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    Hello, does anyone have a code? Looking to purchase a Mackage jacket
  9. 25% off 1-item today (12/25) only
    exclusions apply
  10. I need a coupon!!!
  11. I have one for $100 off a purchase of $500+ if that helps?
  12. Here are a couple coupons for 15% off

  13. Does anyone have a coupon code? I need a coupon code, thanks in advance!
  14. X10NK9IL5RAP - $100 off $500, expires 2/28/18
    X8OVAA5XZAXD - 15% off, expires 1/27/18
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  15. @killerlife - thank you for the coupon codes!

    PS. No offense to anyone, and since this is my first time trying to make a purchase from bloomingdales.com, I have a quick question: does this message mean the code has been claimed? --> "We're sorry, but we do not recognize this promotion code. Please check your code and try again. If you do not have a valid code, please leave the field blank to continue."