1. Hi there, I was hoping here would be the right place to ask the question. The handles of my jet set saffiano tote have started to fray, does anyone know if Michael Kors offer a repair service in the UK?
  2. Leather shouldn't really 'fray'! Could you post a picture?
  3. IMG_1515109340.080592.jpg
  4. How long have you had your bag? Most companies offer some type of warranty. I would contact the company directly first and ask about a warranty. That looks really bad, like it might need complete replacement and not repair.
  5. That is super strange. Leather cannot fray because it is not made up of threads... The only thing i can think of is that it could be the 'primer' stretching out which is a applied underneath edge painting. Are you 100% sure the bag is genuine? If you are in East London, I'd be curious to take a look.
  6. Can you take a closer picture of it? Thanks
  7. Bumping this thread - I have the same issue with the edges and handles especially, "fraying."

    Yes, my bag is genuine. It was purchased almost 5 (!) years ago, so it has definitely seen it's share of work. I was wondering if MK can replace the handles, but I can't seem to find a clear answer. (I'm in California if that matters.) Maybe it's time for a new bag?

    IMG_9265.JPG IMG_9264.JPG
  8. Here is possibly a better photo, it looks like the edge material is wearing out?