1. I did buy that pair. :smile:
    It is 39.5, half a size too big for me.
    And I cannot even exchange it because they sold our almost immediately
  2. For anyone who has the flat marmonts, how would you say the sizing runs compared to Prada or Miu Miu?
  3. I think we have a sizing discussion on the Gucci forum. We certainly have buyers of the flat version so you may like to PM them.
  4. FullSizeRender 2.jpg Gucci Marmont in Flora
  5. Thank You :flowers:
  6. So glad I found the green low-heel. So comfy❤️
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    Oh my Are these the suede yellow ones or are they patent leather? I ask bc they look much brighter than the suede yellow ones I've seen. They are absolutely beautiful!
  8. Thank you. These are leather. I worried the suede ones would get dirty quickly.
  9. Did you get the same size like your red pair?
  10. Hi there. Yes, I did. I went down a whole size in both the mid-heel suede. and the low-heel green ones. The low-heel green pair is even a tiny bit bigger, but I think it's just because they are lower so my foot don't slide down to the front of the shoe.
    I got a pair of Jordaans leather loafers and a pair of glitter sneakers today. Sadly I must send both of them back. I sized down half a size in the Jordaans but, they were way to big. I need the same size as my Marmonts I think. And for the sneakers.....they are huuuge. They were both long and wide. I think I need 39, og 39,5, and I am a solid 41 in all other brands. In Repetto shoes I am a 42. Gucci shoes are soo big.:annoyed:
  11. Anybody has the zebra marmonts?
    How is the sizing please?
    Matchesfashion says go down a full size-isthis true for your lovely ladies?
  12. IMG_2516.JPG Hi ladies, what do you all think of these? I like them a lot because they're different although I also like the suede ones which are more classic. Any opinion is welcome! Thanks!

    These are currently in major department stores - NM, Barney's, Saks, Nordies.
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