1. I can try. I just wanted to return it in time if it was a fake.
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  3. Item Name (if you know it):

    • SERIAL NUMBER: Style #30S2GHMS3L
    • Link (if available): https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1361116/michael-michael-kors-hamilton-saffiano-leather-medium-satchel?color=NAVY
    • Seller: nordstromsrack
    • Who took the pictures: photos later in this post are taken by me, photos in the link are from nordstromsrack
    • History of the bag:
    • Comments: A little while ago i bought this purse from Nordstroms rack in navy. I already own it in black from a boutique and the Nordstroms rack Imagine online had the same honeycomb MK style lining.The bag I received however does not have the same lining as shown online or in my boutique bag. I'm now wondering if my bag is a made for outlet bag, and I'm hoping you can confirm or deny that for me.
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    Strangely the little gold key won't push out of the little leather pouch. If you need any other images I can provide them.
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  5. It's authentic. The lining is a newer lining. As for the name of the bag...it's stated on the tag...Hamilton E/W satchel.
    As for the key, sometimes they can be a little tight but with a little work, it will loosen up some.
  6. So it's not made for outlet?
  7. No, it is not an outlet bag.
  8. Thank you!❤️
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  9. You're welcome!:smile:
  10. Hi guys, I recently bought 2 bags from an aquantaince of mine. Just wanna know if the bag is authentic. From my checks, looks authentic but best to be sure as Michael Kors bags are replicated well these days.

    Style code: 30F5SGRM2U (could not take the picture as the white tab is too small)
    Style: Michael Kors greenwich bucket bag in medium.

    Thanks a million!IMG_1154.JPGIMG_1155.JPGIMG_1156.JPGIMG_1157.JPGIMG_1158.JPGIMG_1159.JPGIMG_1160.JPGIMG_1161.JPGIMG_1162.JPG
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  11. This bag is authentic.
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  12. Hi cdtracing! Thank you so much for replying! Have a wonderful day ahead :smile:
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  13. You're welcome. Glad to help.:smile:
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  14. Do continue! You are doing a great job preventing people from buying counterfeits or being scammed into one. And your replies are prompt. God bless you wherever you are :smile:
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  15. Thank you. I try to help where ever I can & to be prompt with my replies; some take longer than others due to research time. Enjoy your bag!!:tup:
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