1. Oooh, sound interesting. I did see this woman on IG place her bag under running water and the vachetta totally did not get any water stains! But personally I prefer patina, not too dark, but a nice even honey looks so good on monogram.
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  2. lol. so true, I can't even argue with you miss jada
  3. Oh, loving the Eva clutch in DE... I used to own one... and sold it last month as I wasnt careful when I used it... it ended with colour transfer on the back...
    I bought a Favorite PM in DA a few days ago as I love crossbody bags...
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  4. My current Eva is from 2014! I'm crazy i know:doh: I think I will sell my current one and the new one I will sent to lovinmybags, so they can treat it.
  5. This was going to be my suggestion. Or when they are completely sold out you may be able to turn a profit from someone who really wants to own a new one!
  6. I'm the odd here :biggrin: i would return the New since it will patina sooner or later and use the entire eva funds to get something else instead of losing money. but it's just me :smile:
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  7. That is what I would do as well as the bag would patina over time. I like to use my Eva for travelling and it gets thrown around so I'd rather do that to an older bag lol. But yea, I would return it and get something else, just my opinion. Let us know what you decide!
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  8. Hi, I sent the new one to lovin my bags so they can treat the vachetta parts, I hate when vachetta gets darker. I already have a few people that are interested in buying my old Eva.
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  9. This may sound silly as I have never treated my leather bags before, but when you treat it does it mean it stays the same light colour forever?
  10. It still will patina but not as quickly, time will tell how dark it gets. I have a Tivoli that I treated two years and it still looks pretty good if not new. Since then I have treated all my vachetta handbags.

    Since it's water proof, water spot won't stain.
  11. Looks brand new. Did you use LMB or another?
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    Love the Eva..sad it's gone...
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  13. Yes I used lovin my bags products. :flowers:
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  14. Wow looks new! I'm going to look into treating my vachetta, although mine has already darkened. I would hate my bag with water spot stains, I either avoid using it in the rain or put the bag in a plastic bag if it starts to rain lol. But thanks for the info!
  15. Almost forgot to mentioned that I used apple brand rain guard too.

    It's worth a try, you can check out YouTube videos on how to use LMB products and apple brand rain guard