1. My little Fendi babies two wallet on a chain.
    20170614_182135watermark .jpg20170614_183203watermark .jpg
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  2. .
  3. Longchamp small Neo Fantasie Sakura
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  4. Forgot to post my purchase from earlier this week. I love green and I couldn't pass on the opportunity as LV has only made 475 of these LE mini pochettes. I had to buy it from a reseller as I don't have vacation time to go to Hawaii now.
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  5. Beautiful. Green is my favorite color
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  6. Thank you meowmix! My sentiments exactly :smile:
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  7. The last bag I bought was a Gucci Marmont shoulder bag in Japan. I love pink and had to have this one because it's Japan exclusive. I also bought a matching wallet too :heart:
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  8. I just got this Mulberrry Small Cheyne. It makes its debut today!
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  9. I just purchased a Kenzo Mini Kalifornia Tote in Light Grey and a 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli in Taupe GHW. They're on their way and I'll PAP as soon as they've arrived! Couldn't be more excited argh :yahoo:
  10. IMG_1106.JPG My coach swagger small Crossbody. I bough a furla coin purse to go with it. Looks so cute together Sorry I do not know how to rotate the picture in here
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  11. Super cute coin purse! I love Furla's leather. Very durable and the designs are cute as well :smile: congrats on your new purchase!
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  12. Thanks! Yeah it's my favorite item now, the furla coin purse :smile: and I agree with you on the well made part. I have been using the purse for about a month and none of the glitter pieces feel off yet.
  13. I don't have anything glittery from Furla but geez I want it now because you said so :biggrin: always loved Furla quality since I own quite a few Furla leather goods and they're holding up really well, especially the leather!
  14. Just bought myself a new Prada shoulder bag, and waiting for it to arrive.... so excited I can hardly stand the wait!
  15. My last purchase was the diorama red wallet on chain :smile: its so pretty and can be worn as a clutch :biggrin:
    *not my pic but its exactly the same style and colour! I am just too lazy to get out of bed haha
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