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    Hi guys

    I've been around for a while, but never really posted a thread - been reading yours and gotten a'lot of help out of it.

    So a few days ago I bought my very first Celine mini belt bag in grained black leather. But I've been so indecisive between this and the micro luggage in black/grey, and still am.

    What do you guys recommend? Should I keep the belt or go for the micro luggage? My heart says the luggage but my mind says the belt because it is lighter than the luggage and has the shoulder strap. I would use it as an almost every day bag, and I usually don't cary tons of stuff but enough so that a smaller size than the belt would be too small for my needs.

    I won't be using it as a work bag as I'm a doctor working in a hospital and don't need to cary anything else than my essentials back and forth.

    Looking forward to your replies!
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  2. As an everyday bag, I would prefer the mini belt as it holds more and is more comfortable to wear. I have the micro luggage and I love it as the occasional work/daytime bag but it can get quite heavy (even with not a lot of things inside) and with no shoulder strap, i find it hard to carry for any extended period of time.
  3. While I have the belt and love it for its understated beauty yet practicality as a work bag, if your heart is set on a micro luggage, then I say get it. If we bought bags purely based on logic, then we wouldn't be buying thousand dollar bags so you should buy the bag you love: the micro luggage.

    (unless you want to buy both, in which, go for it!! :biggrin:)
  4. Thats exactly what I think and makes logically sense to me :P
  5. Omg now I'm leaning towards the micro again. I also want the nano. I just don't know which one to get first. I know - I just cannot decide even though the belt is sitting here right in front of me :huh:

    I would, at the end of the year, want to end up with two celine bags. But if I go for the belt, then I will get the nano, because I don't need two larger bags at the moment. And if I end up with the micro, I'm still gonna purchase the nano :biggrin:
  6. I think the shoulder strap is what seals the deal! Keep the mini belt and go for the micro luggage next! ;)
  7. I'd say get the nano now since you're on the fence regarding the other bags. Love the nano and find the others awkward. Good luck!
  8. I think mini belt is better for everyday bags. If it gets heavy on the shoulder you can carry it by the top handle, vice versa. But not with micro luggage. since you only have the top handle option. And if you already decided to get the nano anyway, keep the belt. If you have both micro and nano, then possibly you'll use one of the bag more and neglect the other one (maybe. I dont know. I will though, lol)
  9. I have a nano and a micro. I was debating on the belt as well especially because it has the shoulder strap. Between the two, if I had none, I would choose the micro. By far my favorite bag. It's the perfect size. The micro you have to carry with your hand though so that can get annoying sometimes.
  10. I had the Mini Belt but eventually sold it to fund a Micro. The "mustache" of the Belt was quite annoying. It kept it harder to store. The mustache of my Mini Belt kept getting bent. Weight wise they are about the same to me.
  11. The Micro Luggage bag is not heavy. I think if you are a doctor and only carry your essentials and the bag sits in your office/locker most of the day, then you do not have to worry about the weight or hand held issue. If it is your style and you really love it, i think you should get it. I hate thinking about a bag i love and didn't buy. The Micro Luggage is one of my favourite bags.
  12. Hi guys

    Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you for all your replies - so much help.

    So I decided to keep the mini belt. I know that I will get more use out of this and grab this more on the go, than I would have with the micro luggage. Maybe in the future I will get the luggage but for now I'm very please with my decision. Later this year I'll probably get the nano so I have a smaller bag for quick erinds.
    Here' a pic of the bag :smile:
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