1. Looks fine to me as well.
  2. Thank you! :smile:
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  4. There aren't enough pictures for the first auction but I believe it's likely fake.

    I believe the second one (pink) is authentic.
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  5. Hello averagejoe, can you please help me with this bag:

    Item name: Lady Dior, schwarz
    Item number: 272721192370
    Seller: boris751
    Direct URL: http://www.ebay.de/itm/272721192370

    Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!
  6. I believe this is fake.
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  7. Thank you so much! :biggrin:
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  8. Hi everyone,

    Its been a while, but i am addicted Dior again, and

    I am think to buy this bag, anyone please help me to authenticate this? Thank heaps in advance.
  9. Hi everyone
    I am planning to buy this lady dior from a person i know off. But not sure if it authentic or not
    Please help me authenticate this bag.
    Thank a lot
  10. Hi Averagejoe,

    Couldnt edit my post so I post more picture here.
    I think its fake from the ring, but I am not master on this so can u please have a look? I post more pic of it.

    Thank u so much
  11. I believe this is fake
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  12. Not sure about this one, sorry. The foiled logo looks a bit smudged so it's hard to tell.