1. I decided to sell (on eBay) my beloved Mulberry Scotchgrain laptop briefcase that I purchased way back in 2012 from Selfridges as I have hardly ever used it and I am raising funds for new bag purchases (as per usual!).

    I provided detailed photos and managed to sell it a few days ago (buyer said it would be perfect for her upcoming holiday). The buyer negotiated to not pay for shipping, and I agreed, thinking that I would be happy to eat the cost and move on. Special delivery was £26!

    Almost immediately upon receiving the bag, this buyer sent me this vitriolic message:

    "OK so the bag is clearly a fake. This has been confirmed by Mulberry head office as they never made this item, also by taking the bag to the Mulberry concession at selfridges manchester. I will be seeking a full refund from you? I will be seeking a full refund from eBay and I will be contacting my bank to chargeback the transaction and pursue you for a fraudulent transaction? Unless you confirm by return that you will take the bag back and provide a full refund immediately as the item is clearly not as described!!!!!!"

    She wants me to pay for return shipping - as she claims the bag is not genuine. That will have me out of pocket £50+ with no sale to show for it!

    Now, I no longer have a hard copy receipt as I purchased the bag so long ago but I do have the e-mail with the order confirmation and receipt of payment from Selfridges (including a thumbnail picture of the bag!).

    I haven't sold much on eBay but I am really concerned and have no idea what to do. eBay have not been very helpful - just saying we should work things out amongst ourselves before they can step in.

    I am just SO shocked and confused - even a quick google search would come up with old listings on 'Lyst' for the same bag. I have personally seen the exact same briefcase on sale at the Mulberry in Heathrow airport in 2014 so only a few years ago they were still selling it. How can she claim that Mulberry have never made this bag?

    I'm not sure I have any specific questions - I just feel sick to my stomach. I feel like I am being taken advantage of somehow and I'm worried that this unscrupulous buyer is going to use and damage my briefcase out of spite in some way before returning it. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?? I feel eBay is very heavily centered towards buyers so I'm not sure how much help they will be. Feeling a bit traumatized!

    UPDATE: I think I have somewhat stupidly agreed to a return (even though I always list with 'no returns') now that the buyer has agreed to pay the return postage (although she still says her position is that its fake, even though I have sent her a copy of my e-mail receipt from Selfridges), but she is saying she can't return it until she's back off holiday in two weeks!!! WTF!!! What's to say she isn't using my bag on her holiday now and then returning it? I'm SO upset and frustrated by this.

    Are eBay any good if the bag comes back with wear or damage?? I'm going to try to assume the best to avoid going crazy but if my bag comes back damaged will eBay DO anything?
  2. Sounds fishy, like buyer's remorse and she and a friend concocted some sort scary email to force a return ("head office" of Mulberry? Really?). And you're probably right--she is using the bag while on vacay, which was probably her plan all along. I hope all of your correspondence is through eBay's system, that she is going on vacation and won't be able to return the bag for 2 weeks might work in your favor. Good Luck and I'm sorry this happened to you.
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  3. I would have definitely asked her for the name of the person she spoke to at the "head office" and would probably have also told her it was great she was taking it to Selfridges since the receipt (from 2012) should be in their system (even if this is not the case). And maybe also would have tried to find this bag in a back catalog or something.

    This is clearly a remorse return and she does not want to pay return shipping. Sometimes when confronted, these buyers just disappear or pay for their own return shipping.

    BTW. should she open a chargeback while the ebay case is still open (it is better for you if she does not), be sure to call ebay to have the case closed in your favor as double-dipping is not allowed.

    Sorry this is happening to you!
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  4. This is a "Renter" I am really sorry you are going through this! When you excepted the return? Did it give you a date that the buyer has to send it back by X date? (not sure how long? wait for someone who will know for sure) They have to prove with Tracking number that the item is being sent back by a certain date otherwise the case will be closed in your favor? (I could be wrong? I don't sell!) What a nightmare! And I bet they will leave sending back the item until the last day of return period! :cursing:
  5. All messages should be through ebay messaging so they can read them.

    Tell her that she needs to send the bag back before her vacation. You needn't wait 2 weeks!

    Then call ebay, tell them that you've agreed to the return but want the bag shipped before she has the opportunity to use it for 2 weeks. Get it on record that you have a concern about getting it back much more used than it was when received.
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  6. It's a good thing you have a bunch of "before" pictures you can use to compare to the returned bag. That ought to be some sort of evidence if she dares to use the bag on vacation.
    If you could somehow find and monitor her facebook, instagram, etc for vacation photos, you might catch her if she uses it on vacation.

    It's too bad there isn't available a tag to put on sold bags like retailers use. If the tag is removed, it's a keeper. There has to be someway to deal with dishonest people. To protect yourself. What ever happened to integrity?
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  7. Yeah she is on holiday for two weeks!! I believe eBay said it had to be returned by July 6th so annoyingly she has a while. Ugh. So frustrating. I'm convinced she's using it and then getting away with this. At least she agreed to pay return shipping - I sent it by special delivery (£26!!) and I'm sure this moron will send it back just normal post or 'signed for' with no insurance etc.... GRRRR

  8. I stupidly approved the return before realizing that she was going to wait two weeks before returning it. At least she doesn't get her money back until I get the bag back!

    I doubt eBay would do a single thing about this, I've spoken to them twice already (call center in India) and they were extremely unhelpful and clearly sticking to a script. Not a very good service.
  9. She has a very generic name, I've tried to find her with no success. :sad: Thankfully I do have a lot of pictures so if there is anything wrong with it when I get it back I am raising hell!
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  10. :wtf: Unbelievable!?!?! Just frigging unbelievable!?!? :mad: I am praying that you receive it WITHOUT any wear & tear!
  11. Thanks :sad: Me too! I will raise absolute hell if it comes back with any wear and tear at all. I'm livid and its making me crazy the longer this drags on.
  12. She is definitely using the bag.... and based off her complaint if it were really fake as she is saying she would be rushing to give it back to get her money back. If it's going to take you two weeks to return your using it in the meantime. I hate scam artist like that, if they never made the bag, why would she have a interest in it, and search to find and negotiate with you to get a bag never made by the company.

    She's definitely having buyers remorse wanted to use the bag for vacation and return it. She had this plan all along. I'm extremely terrified to sell my high end items on eBay or any other site bc there are so many horror stories you hear.

    Sorry you are going through this, I hope it works in you favor.
  13. well, we all know "mulberry head office" isn't there to confirm stuff like this for ebayers, so she is clearly a scammer. not sure if you have ever sold on ebay before or what your feedback score is, but they usually target sellers with low feedback scores and then say the item isn't genuine and etc. i don't think she has buyer's remorse, she just was scamming to get a bag she could (maybe) use. at least you have excellent before photos in the event the bag comes back damaged. you might want to contact paypal and see if they have any record of her as a scammer, sometimes paypal is more helpful than ebay. i am so very sorry to read this though, you know your bag is real and you sent it in good faith and in good condition, so i feel your frustration. i sell Chanel and LV on ebay and i have never had a problem, but i worry constantly until the bag arrives to the person. ebay isn't the best platform for lux goodies. i hope it all works out for you:flowers:

  14. I am confused. Once a return is accepted, the buyer has 5 days to ship it back to the seller (#5)
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  15. I private messaged you . I had a very similar thing happened to me last week. Luckily she did return the bag ok.