1. :wtf: Unbelievable!?!?! Just frigging unbelievable!?!? :mad: I am praying that you receive it WITHOUT any wear & tear!
  2. Thanks :sad: Me too! I will raise absolute hell if it comes back with any wear and tear at all. I'm livid and its making me crazy the longer this drags on.
  3. She is definitely using the bag.... and based off her complaint if it were really fake as she is saying she would be rushing to give it back to get her money back. If it's going to take you two weeks to return your using it in the meantime. I hate scam artist like that, if they never made the bag, why would she have a interest in it, and search to find and negotiate with you to get a bag never made by the company.

    She's definitely having buyers remorse wanted to use the bag for vacation and return it. She had this plan all along. I'm extremely terrified to sell my high end items on eBay or any other site bc there are so many horror stories you hear.

    Sorry you are going through this, I hope it works in you favor.
  4. well, we all know "mulberry head office" isn't there to confirm stuff like this for ebayers, so she is clearly a scammer. not sure if you have ever sold on eBay before or what your feedback score is, but they usually target sellers with low feedback scores and then say the item isn't genuine and etc. i don't think she has buyer's remorse, she just was scamming to get a bag she could (maybe) use. at least you have excellent before photos in the event the bag comes back damaged. you might want to contact paypal and see if they have any record of her as a scammer, sometimes paypal is more helpful than eBay. i am so very sorry to read this though, you know your bag is real and you sent it in good faith and in good condition, so i feel your frustration. i sell Chanel and LV on ebay and i have never had a problem, but i worry constantly until the bag arrives to the person. ebay isn't the best platform for lux goodies. i hope it all works out for you:flowers:

  5. I am confused. Once a return is accepted, the buyer has 5 days to ship it back to the seller (#5)
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  6. I private messaged you . I had a very similar thing happened to me last week. Luckily she did return the bag ok.
  7. I had an issue recently with a Bal bag - the buyer tried to claim non-existent damage, then withdrew her eBay return request... shortly afterwards she re-sold it in a hurry for a lower price... and then made a (successful) Paypal claim against me for a full refund, stating that it was in terrible condition and also fake - none of which was true! The bag was returned to me - luckily in the excellent condition in which I had sent it (Paypal were not interested in this though) - which proved that she was making it all up, I assume to make back the price difference.

    To top it all off she claimed in her Paypal case that I was involved in an issue she was having with a buyer of a different item of hers, purely because we live in the same county.

    Wonder if it was the same buyer...
  8. That's terrible......I know not everyone is like this and most people are genuine but stories like this really put me off. I hope you don't end up out of pocket
  9. I wish that were the case!! eBay sent me a message saying they have until July 6th apparently to return it... :sad:
  10. I think you need to contact EBay again. According to this page:

    For refunds: We ask the buyer to ship the item to you within 5 business days of starting the return.

    Ooops, I see the other poster stated that. I still would contact EBay and ask them to honor what they state on that page.
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  11. OMG!!!
    THIS COW HAS STARTED A CHARGEBACK so now EBAY has sent me a message saying the dispute is 'closed' because a PayPal dispute has been opened...SHE STILL HAS NOT RETURNED MY BRIEFCASE! WTF!

    What can I even do about this??? I'm so distressed. :sad: :sad:
  12. I am so sorry to hear that. You need to share this buyer's eBay user name, so all the fellow sellers can be aware of her in the future. Ah~ her action really disgusts me.

  13. melaniehall759 please spread far and wide! do not sell to this awful person. :sad: :sad: I may lose my beautiful briefcase which is worth hundreds of pounds. I'm considering contacting the police about this, although they probably won't do anything? I'm so frustrated.
  14. OK so this awful person has apparently filed a chargeback claim with her credit card company, against me AND PayPal - I've spoken to payPal and they said that people do this when they know that PayPal themselves will deny the claim (i.e. she definitely received the bag! its not an 'unrecognized charge'!)

    So now PayPal have to fight this claim with the credit card company!!!! I was very concerned as it seems like this cow is trying to have her cake and eat it too (have my lovely briefcase AND her money) but thankfully PayPal have lifted the hold on my account and given me the money back under seller protection since I sent it tracked and insured and the stupid cow signed for it with her own name even! I have her signature!

    So I don't know what will happen now. Presumably she will keep the bag and her credit card will give her the money back - unbelievable. That people can be so underhanded and the awful thing is that I can't even give her bad feedback on eBay or do anything at all to warn others not to sell to her. How many people has she played this trick on??
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  15. I thought she was away on vacation and too busy to send it back but she has time to file disputes?

    And it's sad that she's a seller too. I wonder how she'd feel if this were done to her.
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