1. So romantic :heart:
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  2. IMG_2169.JPG Close up of my new 31mm watch with MOP dial with diamond markers. It is so beautiful I can't stop staring at it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. This is beautiful! :heart: Congrats!
  4. I just got 31mm Datejust, and now regretting not getting 36mm. I love big watches but thought that 31mm would be more timeless. But then over the years watches are only getting bigger, it's almost hard to think we'll go back to smaller sizes. Now when I see all your 36mm.. they look so much nicer! X-)

    What do you think? Should I go for bigger size?

    Here is my Rolex 31mm and Tag Heuer 34mm.
  6. I prefer the 31m on you
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  7. I like the 31 on you for the Rolex. Trends come and go so I would stick with the 31 for the Rolex and if you still want something larger get a fun large trendy watch like the tag.
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  8. Agree with the others that 31mm looks better on you.
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  9. I recently got a 36mm similar to yours (Roman numerals,pyramid face) and it fits pretty much like yours does. The 5mm difference isn't all that much, imo. Did you try both sizes on your wrist?
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    I think you made the right choice. Looks great! 31 is much better overall for most dressing situations. Much more versatile. I have both 31 and 36 DateJust at home and there are times I feel a 36 is too big. The difference in size and weight is very noticeable to me.
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  11. Same here: I personally believe 31 fits your wrist better than its 36 counterpart. The decison may be harder if it is 31 DJ v. 36 DJ.
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  12. Hi Everyone,

    It's my 30th birthday coming up and my family would like to give me a Rolex. I have narrowed it down to two - the day date everose gold black dial 36mm and the date just two tone yellow gold black dial, diamond markers 36mm.

    The choice is coming down to a couple of factors. Given the fact it's a 30th present - I will cherish it and want to wear both day and night for many many years to come. I would like this to be a timeless and very special piece. With this is mind I do keep coming back to the datejust as I think it's more elegant and can easily be worn both casually and then very formally eg. a black tie event. Where as I think the daydate given the presidents band feels more casual. I do also worry that if it were my only timepiece the rose gold may feel a bit dated (pardon the pun) over time and at this price point there is just no room for that to happen.

    Such a hard choice - I love them both but for completely difference reasons. They are my holygrail all around watch and casual watch which makes it difficult to decide as I would love to own them both in an ideal world :P

    Here's both on my wrist and also side by side for a quick comparison.

    Love to get everyone's thoughts on which would you go for and why?

    FullSizeRender 14.jpg FullSizeRender 13.jpg FullSizeRender 12.jpg
  13. What about a 34mm ? I don´t really read much of this size here @tpf. But why ? IMHO a perfect size for ladies with smaller wrist, without reducing down to 31mm, which is definitively smaller than a 36mm. Not only on the 5mm on the paper, but more on the wrist. A 36mm gives the impression of a big watch, a 34mm of a midsize watch on a ladies wirst. My opinion.
  14. I personally like the diamond dial. I am a girl that loves bling and I personal think I can wear it casual and dressy so it never dates. Enjoy your new watch whichever one you pick will be beautiful.

  15. I have the 34 and I chose is specifically because I couldn't decide between 31 or 36 - one was too big and the other too small. It is a beautiful everyday piece that I can wear everyday and bash around HTH