1. Omg. That is crazy. 4:30am with no appt??!
  2. Omg! I'm having second thought to go there again...
  3. Poor you, that is horrible!!
  4. @Cillaj It is unfair that they punish everyone on the side door.
  5. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Lining up at 4:30am should've gotten you an appointment. Those people arguing definitely ruined your chances for you.
  6. I'm so sorry you experienced that.
  7. This is so sad. I mean in the end it's only a bag, so no reason to behave like this. I am so sorry for you.
  8. I'm so, so sorry this happened to you. Please write a letter to Hermès corporate describing your experience and request a pre-arranged appointment for next time you are in Paris. They are not always responsive but, when they are, they can be very helpful.
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  9. Yes, please write a letter or e-mail to Hermes corporate. What happened to you is just terrible. I can't believe the line situation has gotten this bad. I was there in Feb, and lined up close to 9, and got an appointment for around 11. What is going on? I don't think it's just the summer crowds, as reading about last summer on this thread it didn't seem it was like this.
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  10. I arrived in Paris this afternoon from the south of France. I cannot face the Line, and since all I want this time is an Evelyne in Rose Azalee, I will take my chances at Sevres and Georges V. Very disappointed my sales person from last year did not respond to my email. Has anybody seen Rose Azalee in Paris lately?
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  11. A similar thing happened to me Cillaj, a few weeks ago I lined up at the side door and an argument broke out. Security said it wasn't their problem but they made us pay for complaining by opening the side door late. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment but it was right at closing and I had been in line since 5AM and was third on side door entrance. Then I had the rudest SA. I am glad for the opportunity to purchase a bag with no purchase history but I left my FSH experience with no bag and feeling quite sad about how I was treated in store (I don't feel poorly about the line, it is luck of the draw but I expect to be treated with kindness in store even if I get no bag).
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  12. So sad to hear about your negative experience at FSH - you did everything right and suffered due to factors beyond your control. I don't have issue with the line sitters per se as long as it's 1:1 - but if there is one in front of me, and they sold the spot to an individual who has brought several others all hoping for a chance, that wouldn't be fair in my eyes and for those behind them. I just don't know what the answer is here.
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  13. This sounds exactly like what happened to me back in early May, when they decided to stop us from entering through the side door. I'm so sorry you had to deal with it!
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  14. I'm so sorry to hear your experience. It's terrible....
    You had better to report what happened to you to Hermes Co. by e-mail or letter.
  15. Yes I don't have problem with the line sitters either but the fact that I was FIRST in line and still no appointment just cause people couldn't behave and started arguing on the street is just very very frustrating.