1. I posted a thread but looking for a quick response. Are these straps ok? Is there a reason one is black and red straps vs all black?
  2. Post in the Authenticate This thread with the proper photos.
  3. What are the trending Prada bags in the States? I am looking for one as my gf's birthday present but am not so sure about the trend now. Is Bibliotheque or Double bag still trending?
  4. Your showing 2 different models from 2 different years ( not stating anything about authenticity but Prada did release both of those styles)
  5. Ive seen the Black with red with red contrasting edges, black with red with silver hardware but I did look for that model at Saks and they stated they never had the black /red with Silver only the Black Red with gold hardware, Saks off fifth buys closeouts and previous seasons models and they could just about get anything, assuming that's the Saffiano Cuir double bag with the cross body strap the model number could be the 1BG883 OR 1BG838
  6. Hi all

    Would anyone please be able to tell me if they recognise the Prada design in the attached pictures?

    Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi. New member here-

    My wife's wallet got stolen, and I'm trying to replace it.
    I'm trying to find out information about the wallet.
    All I know is that it was Prada. Some sort of Limited Edition while she was living in HK, and so the best year range I can figure out is between th years of 2005 and 2014. I know that's a super long range, but It's alI have without trying to ask her the specifics. I looked similar to the Black color full sized saffiano flap wallet on the outside, but it opened up fully flat with card holders one two sides with a split in the middle, and it was pink on the inside as well as black I think. She said the USD value was about $1200-ish during that time.

    Would you be able to help me find the model of this wallet so maybe I can find it somehwere?

    Thanks for any help!
  8. I am not an expert by this bag is a replica, right?
  9. See if you can find a generic photo online somewhere and post it. There's a thousand different Prada wallet styles. No way to help without a photo of some sort.
  10. cool!
  11. Where canIbuy an old prada? I'd like to buy the mini letter in red.
  12. Hi everyone,
    I've been eyeing the Prada Double bag for a lont time and think I'm going to get it now (need to order on line). I understand there are 3 sizes. I wonder if a MacBook (the thing gold ones, 12") would fit in the medium sized one? I'm afraid the larger one would be too big for me as an everyday bag, but I also want to be able to carry my MacBook when I need to.
  13. I checked the Prada website, and the dimensions for the double bag are as follows:
    l. 12.9 h. 9.8 w. 5.7 inches
  14. Yes, thank you, I know that. But I have an LV bag that the website also says is 12.9, yet these are external measures and in the end the macbook doesn't really fit in. So I'd like to get a confirmation from someone who has actually tried it.
  15. Does anyone own a cuir double bag (or any saffiano bag) in the color noisette? My local boutique does not have any bags in that color, and I'm considering buying online. I want something that works in a very conservative office. I've google imaged the color online, but it's hard to tell. Anyone have an opinion on whether noisette would be a conservative color, or whether it would stand out?