1. Yes! I know some that seem to have been born grumpy old men (even if they're women). They go 'round with a perpetual "Get off my lawn." attitude. :doh:
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  2. Anyone have a bag with which they need help styling? :smile:

    I haven't strayed much from my bread and butter styles so I'm good with wearing all my bags.

    What bag is everyone starting the week off with? I'm feeling like I should wear something summery but I have work meetings and I kinda want to wear my black Prada bauletto :thinking:
  3. Summery is exactly what my bag looks like! Balenciaga Day in Apple Green, plus H scarf
  4. Love those shades of green!
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  5. Well, I definitely don't feel it.
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  6. I love your top and your adorable backpack.
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  7. Love these!
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  8. Still in my trade bag, It is comfy and it is water resistant and we are expecting storms today.
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  9. Great summer bag and scarf!
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  10. Well, I will offer up a bag that I could use some different styling ideas for. It was a gift from DH; I chose it. I wore it a lot initially; but then it became a closet sitter. It's still in excellent condition.

    It brings back special memories and a very special time in our lives, so I do not plan on selling it ... at least not for now. It is currently my only obviously branded bag.

    Some ways I would style it, but I would like more ideas!
  11. I only have a couple of mono-print bags. They are for my careless days and therefore my suggestions are prob more on the casual side.

    I really like the outfits you've created so far.

    * Every permutation of denim comes to mind first. Therefore denim jacket, jeans, jean skirt, shorts etc
    * LBD Summer dress (tank or strappy) with tan, brown, beige or old-gold sandals
    * All white against the mono-print also looks classic and lovely in sunshine
  12. Thanks, papertiger!

    I plan to use this as more of a carefree/casual bag this Summer. This should help me get more use from it!
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  13. The further back you go the better (the handbag quality). Just think Audrey Hepburn at the height of her powers, Marilyn at her most interesting. and Jackie O and Grace Kelly as style leaders...
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  14. I never watch the show, but I'd guess my trusty traveling crossbody Husky.
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  15. Yes. Everyone of them.
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