1. This sounds well thought out, eggtart! I like that you are allowing wardrobe staples to be replaced. Makes sense to allow yourself 5 items that can be anything, and are in addition to your staple items.
  2. Lol egg, what else is on your 5 items?

    Also thought we were doing 4? or was that my number? Haha.
  3. Bakeacookie 30? You are lucky duck what kind of crisis can be at 30?
    I loved 30 didn't feel no pain...
    Actually at 30 a I was so happy,no designer brands needed. All i was worried about my six pack,no I am not talking about alcohol ,I am talking about my midriff , I used to spent in gym 3-4 hours a day in very early morning After that going to the beach for a few hours. I was dressing in cropped tops and athletic pants,and sometimes in long sleek dress. At 32 I met my hubby,oh those great days I was feeling like teenager, I could never buy wine without checking my Id
    Even then I turned 40 ,I haven't felt any crisis. But now when I am in upper 40's plus seven years spent in such a hardship and stress,started looking that those years will never come back. And certain wardrobe becomes not appropriate And doesn't help that everyone always says that I look like I am in my 30's
    That's my dilemma
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  4. lol I look old for 30, and I show it severely. So I'm exact opposite situation of you at 30, hence the crisis. I wish I looked young.
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  5. I know you exaggerate We all women do,so we are too fat or too old...
    And if you want look younger,start eating more of live food(plant based, do some fasting and cut sugar out.) Drink lots of lemon water .
    Use only natural cosmetics.
    And be happy. Happiness is the key to feeling and looking young.
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  6. Thanks, girleuro! I've been trying to incorporate more veggies in my diet.

    I just got a water bottle that has a fruit infuser, so lemon water will be easy peasy.

    I did exaggerate, of course, but in my family/culture, the expectations were high. The whole life is set by 30 was absolutely not met, and now I am going nutters trying to figure out life.
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  7. Really? I thought it was 5 haha. I'd have to look back. I'm gonna do 5 lolol
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  8. Great Lemon is such a great alkalizer Now about pressure and expectations. My family is not happy either. They are very family oriented,but when it comes to my marriage,after my hubby got sick,they told me fairytale is over now you can come home.
    And my hubby 's family politicians and very wealthy,but my hubby did all by himself before.Actually when he got sick,we haven't heard or seen them,and they are living in the same area. My hubby has this pressure to prove something to his family. That's not great.when family instead of being there for you,helping,puts pressure for you to figure it out and have high expectations.
    You will get sick if you follow this pressure. Just be yourself, it's funny. , don't forget that turtle won the race
    So who knows it might take you longer.but you might surpass your family.
    My hubby and me just did it. And in a few minutes,It's going to be fun,how his family discounted him,and after he got sick,they wrote him off..., but God is unpredictable,and we are surpassing all of them in tenfold
  9. What about this stunner?
    Sadly, definitely not in my budget!
  10. Amazing, but yes, out of reach...
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  11. Sometimes MH can be found super cheap
  12. I also list in my budget the replacement / new items: this year I only bought 5 new items, the rest were replacements.

    I started planning what I should add into the wardrobe this year and I keep a "shopping list" in my wallet, it has helped me to keep focus and avoid duplications. Still, I believe in those serendipity moments when all stars are aligned and the perfect item shows up! :smile: I just need to find an afternoon when the shops are empty!

    We're having a heatwave right now in the UK, thus I purchased some of my planned Q3 items this week.... a pair of leather & suede sandals and a black dress which I hope I'll be able to layer and use it for winter. Summer here doesn't last for long, I think that with 2/3 short sleeves tops, I will be able to update the office wear! Sad, I know.
  13. I love that dress.
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  14. We could do 5. Haha.

    One will be my vintage bag. One as vintage as me
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  15. That dress is gorgeous, MinaAnais!
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