1. Saks having 25% on top of sale.
  2. Does it apply to bags too?
  3. From NM. Please pm for SA info:Iriza/100mm/ blush size 39 $339
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  4. Yes i believe. PM me for SA info.
  5. These the bags on sale
  6. Stopped by the boutique in Atlanta to find these beauties on sale. The box said they are the Private Navy Patent in 120. I was glad I went in to try on the shoes, my sizing was all over the map. I had to get these in a 39 but the New Simples in a 38.5. My US size in most shoes is an 8, sometimes 7.5. Anyway, the New Simples had to be ordered. I will post a pic in another thread when they arrive. Sorry for the lousy pics.
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  7. They are beautiful!
  8. Thank you
  9. What else did you ladies get?
  10. I also purchased a pair of new simple 120 but they were not on sale.
  11. Ok I was going to ask were those on sale lol, nice!!!
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  12. What is the deepest discount during CL sale?
  13. Pigalle 100mm/36/339 in gorgeous Egyptian Blue IMG_8484.JPG
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  15. Were there any lace styles on sale ladies? Like the Follies Dentelle?Or Dorissima Dentelle?