1. Gorgeous! :girlsigh:
  2. I ordered this Ashby tote, does anyone else have this, or seen it?
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  3. Oops, and now the picture.
  4. The Bridle Bag, Runway Collection
    Gucci Bridle bag.jpg 8a10f19662567ba11c7a34e1946c49097562348b.jpg
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  5. IMG_1495163945.678426.jpg

    I've been carrying this the past few weeks. Quite heavy but it's so gorgeous!! :smile:
  6. My only Burberry bag. Does anyone here have one? Have to say it I don't wear it that much.

  7. I love this bag! May I ask what's the model name and the size ?
  8. I bought it during the December 2014 sale. It's the small signature grain leather tote bag.
  9. Thanks so much! It's a beauty.
  10. I saw this bag when I landed post midnight in Singapore. I love the Burberry classic pattern on the shoulder strap, and I love the ease of use with magnetic closure and open top. I and the soft pink color is oh so yummy!

    I gave 24 hour to see if I am still eXcited about it because the shape is not so classic. In the end I pulled the trigger --- she is my first Burberry!


    The SA taught me how to put the strap inder the magnetic closure and I am loving it!
  11. Congrats!
    And, pls show modeling picture
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  12. Wore my burberry black banner the past 2 weekends.
  13. IMG_3959.JPG My go to bag for Summer, small Ashby
  14. 20170624_190516-864x1152.jpgHeading out with my Burberry Ashby Hobo
  15. Congratulations on your first Burberry! I love it! :smile:
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