1. Did this collection have an agenda?
  2. sell purses is my guess :biggrin:. kidding. As others mentioned it seems to be a part of the whole Americana thing.
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  3. Lol, I meant a planner? He he
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  4. oh haha I think there was some kind of notebook cover
  5. Ah ok. Guess it already sold out, I don't see it on the website.

  6. You beat me to the punchline! :lol:
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  7. Hmmm, that IS kind of cute! It slipped under my radar with all the Space SLG's I got...I'll let you know if I see it!

  8. I just checked eBay, with no luck!
  9. Hoping to join this thread with a new purchase soon
  10. My store tried to order me the NASA zipped cardholder, but apparently they didn't actually have the quantity at JAX that showed up on the computer. :sad:
  11. :sad:
  12. This collection really hooked me. I decided to invest in the Varsity Jacket.
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    *GASP* THERE'S A VARSITY JACKET!?!?!?! (*I'm trying my best to staying away from coach dot com)
    There may be a total of 48 hours down here that actually has cold enough weather for me to wear one of the 2 dozen jackets I have... I'm sure I can justify one... right? right?!?! Do you love it? Tell me it's just awful.

    *edit/update* Whew! :amuse: My size isn't available anyway. Although now I REALLY want the Space Moto Jacket. My wallet is thankful I cant fit in any of these. :biggrin:
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