1. I've been coveting a Marc Jacobs Classic Backpack - snagged one for a really great deal, but I want to dye it a warm grey or black (it's teal, so I'm guessing it will need to be black). Any recommendation on where I can take it get it dyed? Or does anyone know where I can get the supplies to DIY? When I read up on the topic it seems like it's difficult to get the supplies for DIY in Canada.
  2. If you know of a cobbler in your area, they may be able to dye it or they will have the dyes etc in store. Dye kits are also available on line but shipping to Canada can be pricey. I've had success with Feibings dye but only for touch-ups. The ladies in the Coach rehab forum might have better suggestions for you too. Good luck!
  3. Thank you!