1. Oh, this color is so pretty. So many Dooney blues out there and so difficult to narrow the field....Pale Blue, French Blue, Dusty Blue, Denim, Jeans, Calypso, Midnight Blue, Navy, Marine, Sky Blue....the list goes on.
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  2. This is adorable A. Love this color. Very fresh!
  3. This one is very pretty. Nice variation and style on a cross body bag.
  4. image.jpg
    My Flo. :smile: Have a good week, ladies!
  5. And i collect all of the beautiful Dooney blues... but I'm missing pale blue and calypso ! I think I have gotten at least 1 of the others, over the years. The French Blue seems to be back again. The handbag I have in that color is from years ago from the Alto collection. I wonder if the 'new' French Blue is the same color??? I might need to get another one in pebbled leather this time. It's such a pretty color.
    Also, the dusty blue is much nicer than it's name. It's a very neutral blue and seems to go with a lot of things.
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  6. My current situation
    Gretta satchel in navy!
  7. Just look at what all of you made me do! LOL

    I am a big LV lover. I have really enjoyed my LVs and still do. Years ago I had a beautiful shiny red Dooney that I enjoyed but that has been my only experience with them before getting bit by the Louis bug. However, after following Dooney on Instagram I began seeing that some really beautiful bags in beautiful colors! Then I started coming over here to see what you felt about your bags. Now, after weeks of deliberations, I pulled the trigger last night on ILD (Took me forever to figure out what that one was on here! LOL)

    I'm so excited! I got an email this morning that they'll be here Monday!

  8. Congratulations. You picked some great handbags and I love your color choices too. Enjoy your new treasures.
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  9. Thank you! I'm so excited.

    Any thoughts, opinions, or tips anybody has about anything I chose, I would appreciate. I'm new to the Dooney world but learning.

    Also my Instagram focused on bags is AllAboutMyBags. If anybody else has a bag focused Instagram, especially about Dooney, I can learn from, please share.
  10. I have a lot of Dooney handbags in pebbled leather. They are a joy to use.... generally very user friendly, easy to clean, and hold up to everyday use without showing scratches or wear. If you spill something on the pebbled leather, it's easy to wipe it off with a cloth and some water and a little gentle soap. My advice is to enjoy the handbags, and keep pens away form the leather. Ink is one of the things that is almost impossible to remove. I don't have any experience with fabric handbags.
  11. I agree with LJ. Pebble Grain is stellar. It's my favorite leather hands down. The Flo leather is so beautiful, but it needs so much more care than the pebble grain.
  12. 20170622_114508.jpg
  13. Neon pink nylon today. Much research was required to decide if neon or fuschia was the shade I wanted. Neon much bolder.

  14. I love the color. Perfect color to brighten your day. Enjoy.
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  15. Love it! Gorgeous color