1. :hbeat:
  2. No, she wears it as a backpack. I love this bag and plan on trying to get her to accidentally leave it behind...
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  3. She'd never fit Zoey in there:P
  4. LOL. DH calls my large nappa crystal cabat the beach bag.
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  5. I love that bag. It sparkles In natural light.
  6. This wallet is a beauty!
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  7. The funny thing is 3 of my closest associate thought it was not BV and was surprised that I would buy a non-BV item. They didn't look closely enough to see that the clasp metallic piece has weaves. :P Very subtle.
  8. Given its size, may I ask if you find the strap comfortable on the shoulder?
  9. IMG_1497780300.261133.jpg

    Camel Veneta for church and visit to some relatives today... I paired it with my creamy beige patent Tory Burch loafers because I am so tired of wearing heels yesterday...

    I can't wait for her to soften, but it means I need to wear her more often whilst I am still a bit paranoid about her given the light color...
  10. It is exactly that subtle touch that I love!
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  11. Camel Veneta looks beautiful here - I can hear myself thinking that I should consider getting a light Color bv as well :biggrin:
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  12. Totally hear you on this. The same thing happened for me for Mallow.

    I really like how camel looks though, warm and inviting, plus the fact it is such a neutral color.
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  13. Yes, it doesn't dig into my shoulder. It's a bit too skinny to feel in my hand though.
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  14. Thank you for sharing. I compared the dimensions of the large iron and found it very close to my medium Campana. Good to know the skinny strap doesn't dig.
  15. I really love my camel --- it is not as soft as pastel, so I hope not as prone to stain and fading, but indeed warm and neutral.

    I use her again today and loving how it goes with my pinstripe navy blue outfit, and how it matches my Tory Burch camel pumps (sorry blurry pic)