1. Sunburnt in Greece + killing time with a good book at the airport!

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  2. This is the cord bracelet with the three golds, right? Not the one with ceramic.
  3. No, super easy to take off and put on. That's why I got it, cause I can't wear it 24/7. Highly recommend it for those for whom the full does not fit their lifestyle.
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  4. With my Valentino studded braceletIMG_1497026234.081198.jpg
  5. IMG_1497073878.023194.jpg

    My new rose gold love. I am starting a new job on Monday, and I ran my first half marathon I. march (the Philly love)...so, I figured this was the perfect gift to me.
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  6. In action...DSC04587.jpg
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  7. In action...
  8. I love this! Do your Loves slide over your VCA bracelet at all?
  9. My VCA bracelet has been shortened by VCA and with keeping the loves sort of pushed up my wrist, i have no issues. Even when they fall down towards the wrist the VCA still sits just a little lower. That being said I do adjust if I notice the VCA slipping under. I plan on getting another VCA five motif and then I will wear on the other wrist. :smile:
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  10. Thank you for your detailed response!
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  11. image.jpeg My Cartier bracelets in action in Paris :smile:
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  12. GORG! Can I ask what size you ordered?
  13. I have expensive friends - I always see something on them, love it, and wind up with one myself! Case in point
  14. Does the cuff and full bangle match up well. I wish we had the thin version out before I got the cuff.