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  2. Yep 7/12 I have an appointment at 9am.
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  3. My local store has terrible service so I hope to either meet an SA like the fabulous ms marcel on here or shop online.
  4. Well I can give you the name of mine but he's in Walnut Creek California.
  6. Did a quick look thru the entire look book yesterday on my SA's laptop - I saw Longchamp bags, and if i remember there was one in all leather. Gold seems to be a big color in handbags this year. Rebecca Minkoff had a couple in gold, one was a backpack, similar to style as last year. Lots of Kate Spade bags. Sadly, i wasn't too excited by the handbags overall
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  7. Is it the same nylon bag they have every year that zips to expand.
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  8. I am wondering if they are going to have those Vince slip on shoes like they did last year
  9. Looked like it. I wasn't really looking for Longchamp so I just happened upon it. Going back this weekend to look through computer. I'm also told catalog will hit now on Thursday.
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  10. Thursday online?
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. This is what their Facebook page said in regards to mailed catalogs and online. I'm not sure why its so difficult to know an exact date.
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  13. Lame
  14. She didn't happen to say which MCM bag. I have been eyeing the Liz reversible shopper for some time and can't get myself pull the trigger. I believe it also has a pouch. I remember this brand from the 80's or early 90's I think.

  15. Is it worth it to get a Nordstrom card for the Anniversary Sale? What benefits come with this?
  16. Anyone know if la mer ever goes on sale?