1. i was looking for a birthday gift for myself. And I wanted a premium small black bag for day to evening. With gold hardware. I hadn't set a super firm budget, but I was willing to spend $1200 with some wiggle room.

    I had two contenders: Chloe Small Faye, JW Anderson Small Pierce. I even ordered both of them. I found the Pierce for 50% off. It is a really well made, I loved the light suede interior. I didn't love the gusset construction, it broke up the bag a bit too much. And I wasn't certain of tge lack of a closure. But it looked cool. I didn't even try the Faye with my stuff because Berdorf's sent the wrong bag. I was irritated. Ans I decided the chain / ring combo might get annoying. I had tried one in a department store while waiting for my package, but the chain seemed fussy. Nicely made though.

    In the end I decided they were both a little too trendy. The circle hardware seems cool now, but I am looking for something for the long haul. I also preferred alternate carrying options - shoulder / crossbody / clutch. These were really crossbody only bags and did not have removable straps.

    So while I was combing the department store websites, the Mulberry Lily popped up. To be honest I had forgotten about Mulberry. I used to walk past the boutique every day at my last job. But sadly it closed. And the last few times I went in I was disappointed by microfiber linings. My only mulberry item is a key ring. Used for my work badge right now.

    So I decided to head over to the Mulberry site. I don't remember all of the previous bags I had liked but we're out of reach for me a few years ago. But there were a few maybes here and there. Mulberry bags seemed well made and classic to me. Maybe even veering on boring. A friend has an OG Bayswater - a nice bag but slouchy for me.

    I scanned the site and saw lots of interesting new styles. The. I hopped onto the sale section.

    And I saw the Cheyne. In a few sizes. I looked at the specs and it was lined in suede! . I loved the structure and ladylike silhouette. And it looks to handle both crossbody and shoulder configurations.

    I sat debating sizes for 30 minutes but thought the small would be the best bet. But I am still a little confused. We will see. I have down sized to a mini wallet, and can likely fit my essentials easily. But I need to prioritize how often I want to use this bag for extras.

    I am surprised it doesn't look to be a popular bag around here, it looks timeless and classy to me! Can't wait. It arrives tomorrow! Hopefully I can fit my stuff in. If it all works out, it'll make its debut this week. Or I may order the regular size. Which looks nice as well but may have a shorter strap which is a little less appealing.

    Hopefully I found a winner!
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  2. I had some moments of indecision on size, so I also ordered the regular sized one. Still waiting on the regular sized one, but I think the small is going to win.

    I had to think through my wants again, and replacing my unused clutches with a daily bag to pair with my work backpack that can work day to evening is better.

    It doesn't fit my water bottle, but I have plenty of bags that will solve that need. I can switch to my myriad of other mid sized black bags. :biggrin:

    Initial impressions:
    Nice packaging. My box shipped with a green mulberry bag that was nicely tied with a ribbon. The bag was wrapped with tissue paper and in the dust bag. I prefer the old grey dust bags, but this one is fine.

    When I pulled out the bag it smelled like leather. This leather looks durable, but will develop a patina or time. I think this should be fine for my purpose. I wanted a slightly glam day bag that would work well at night.

    The hardware is a vintage-y brass color. It is matte and should hide scratched easily. The rings for the chain are a little more shiny.

    The clasp is super easy to open. It is not a fussy clasp and should hold up fine. It is a nice touch the inner part is lined with a bit of leather. This keeps this clasp pretty quiet. You could access your movie snacks easily.

    The build quality is good. All of my stitches look great and so does the glazing. The suede interior is nice. This is a fairly big bag. It is deeper than most its size but doesn't look too chunky.

    There is an interior slip pocket that fits my iPhone 6. I think the plus won't fit, but I have a leather case so hard to tell.

    Pros: this is a great looking bag, the leather is very nice. Great for day to evening in the small size. It fits a lot more than an evening bag and is light. The strap is comfy in all configurations at first glance.

    Branding is subtle - small logo on the clasp, gold stamped logo under the flap with "Mulberry England" and one more Mulberry on the interior pocket. No trees.

    Cons: the strap is a bit short to be crossbody. But I am busty and "zaftig." It might be fine if you are average height and petite. It hits me at my waist for crossbody, and I have a short torso. The rear slip pocket is card sized and not phone sized. I also wish it had contrasting interior lining. Black is boring and now I need to get a new non black small wallet.

    Surprises: it is a bit slouchier than I expected. It looked super structured from the photos (I ordered site unseen). This caused a little trepidation. But after examination I think the shape won't change much. The bag smooshes in a little where the clasp is. The base is very sturdy and the leather is thick so it should change much more. It should hold its shape better than the Lily. The corners are soft and round. I found it more formal with the shiny leather and more structured shape. But the leather was softer than expected, it is a soft bag. And not firm in structure. This does give it bonus points for my casual uses.

    If you are familiar with Ferragamo Sofias - it is midway between the calfskin and the soft versions in terms of structure from the leather.

    This bag feels premium, and doesn't look too trendy, so I hope to enjoy it for years to come. I will likely debut this weekend or Monday!
  3. Great review, thank you for sharing! I've considered this bag before but wondered about strap length for cross body use - and if the regular would stick out too much as there base is deep. I like the look of the mini in black with silver hardware...
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  4. Thanks for the review, it sounds as though it will fit your needs. I'm not surprised about the strap length , I always find mulberry straps shorter than other designers, it really should be adjustable to accommodate all. That's where Chloe and Gucci get my vote. At this price point it should be adjustable.

    Enjoy your new bag and please post some pics when you get time
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  5. Here are some quick pics!

    Top view

    Side view

    With my planned stuff

    My stuff

    I have my mini Comme de Garçons wallet. A Coach card case - newly acquired. Lotion. My work badge - on a Mulberry key ring! Headphones. A little key ring mirror. And that pencil pouch is my small purse hack. It has lip balm, tinted lip balm, lipstick, eye drops, rollerball perfume, a pen, a nail file and some hand sanitizer. The lotion didn't fit. :P

    I also tried to fit my case less iPad - it could work but seemed a little tight. A kindle in a case fit fine with the above stuff. There might even be room for a scarf. Or sunglasses in a more minimal case.

    So it is roomier than I thought - if you stick to a small wallet. And obviously killing my pencil pouch makeup bag could free up even more space. The small size is plenty big for a light packer. I also tried my now neglected full sized wallet. It fits fine with the other stuff. No room for a kindle. Sunglasses might fit with a full sized wallet too.

    Can't wait to bust it out!

    Also, not sure if it is clear in the pics, but the leather is shiny!
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  6. I was a little worried about it sticking out - it is a 4 inch deep bag. I think the small and regular have the same depth. But surprisingly not so much. It falls nicely on your side. And with the soft leather it should squish a bit. It hit me in very comfy places with the straps doubled and single. And it stayed on my shoulder nicely. Once it take it out, I'll update but it seems promising. And since the chain is big - it felt fine in the crook of my elbow!
  7. Strap length is a big reason no Mulberry bags ever made it home with me! While I like crossbodies a lot, I also wear bags on one shoulder often. Even crossbodies. I tend to only go crossbody if I have a long fast walk. So I am willing to compromise here. And of course if push came to shove it would work, if only a bit awkwardly. But my intention for this bag is to feel polished and classy. If I really need to go crossbody I can use another bag in my collection. I have plenty.
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  8. Quick update - I carried my Cheyne today while I was seeing Hamilton (it was great!).

    I kept the bag in my lap during the show. This is a miracle for me since I get annoyed at holding on Tom,y bag and try to find a new place for it to go. :P

    It wasn't too big, and it didn't feel like it was in my way. I found it was a nice eight for a hand rest sitting up, and Sitting flat was comfy too. I wore it mostly single strap in my shoulder and cross body. I also hand varied and elbow carried a few times. It was at my waist as a crossbody but not too uncomfortable. I was happy the hardware wasn't too sharp, so it didn't feel like I was risking a cut.

    I loved that it was easy to open for your shoulder. A one handed operation. It almost fit everything. The program was a tight squeeze - if you want a pristine program it is a few millimeters too small. My program had a few wrinkles. I found it to be pretty light and stayed on fairly well - I have slopy shoulders so I usually have to adjust all bags a little.

    I wouldn't mind one more pocket for keys, but since the base is so wide, the bag fits a surprising amount.

    It looked great with my outfit so I am happy - and the bigger one would be all wrong for my needs. Not quite as elegant for the evening. But it would be great in another use case - just not mine!
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  9. Why has this bag not sold well? It looks lovely to me. Not like Mulberry to make further reductions so they must have a ton of stock. John Lewis still have plenty and Selfridges sold them off for around £450. Anyone else actually got this bag? I am very tempted to buy the large.

  10. Thanks for the update, I'm pleased this bag is working for you. How was Hamilton? I have tickets for next year in London. I have heard nothing but amazing reviews of this show .
  11. @Izzy48 has the regular Cheyne! Her post inspired me to take the plunge. Here is her thread: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/the-cheyne-made-in-england.944055/

    It is a steal at the new price - I wonder if I can get a price adjustment! ;)

    I don't get it either, to me this bag looked super classic and is well made. Not easy to find may bags for $1000-ish with leather / suede lining!

    The Mulberry store near me closed, and the other local one is 60 miles away so I have no idea what is happening locally for me. But I rarely see a Mulberry bag out and about. A few Nordstroms here carry an edited selection of Mulberry bags - Bayswaters, Darley, Lily and a few wallets.

    Maybe once Mulberry regains some prominence it'll come back! It feels like a potential staple bag to me, but maybe with all the turmoil, it just got lost in the shuffle. They also didn't seem to give it much PR / exposure in the brand's campaigns. Maybe it also felt a little dressy for where Mulberry has been focused most of its bags in the past.

    You should try it out! The price is amazing for the quality right now.

    Hamilton was really entertaining! It also helps to listen to the soundtrack first! It was more fun hearing the songs a little ahead of time (I listened to it a few times). I love the King and Thomas Jefferson! :biggrin: