1. I just received these. They are comfy. I'm normally a neutral kind of girl but I am oddly attracted to them. What are your opinions? Yay or Nay??IMG_1497830947.563120.jpg
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  2. Quite the statement shoe. I say keep because they are comfy, has black as the base color and can go with all the neutrals in your wardrobe. If you wear slacks or bootcut jeans, they'll be a bit more covered, so you have some options.
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  3. I do wear a lot of black and also jeans. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love...1967 in San Francisco's Haight and Ashbury. The flowers remind me of the song "if you're going to SF wear a flower in your hair". So, you don't think they are too busy?
  4. Maybe try it on w an outfit that youd pair it w so we can see? In my mind its not too busy, but a pic is much more reliable than my brain.
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  5. Absolutely love these
    With a neutral outfit these will just
    Please keep!!
  6. I would wear these fabulous boots into the ground! :loveeyes:
    A big YAY from me
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  7. I guess I have never had shoes or boots with flowers on them so I wanted to hear from all of you! :smile:
  8. A huge YAY!! I love these, floral printed boots are awesome and can definitely go with many looks! I love the buckles and studded detailing. Id keep them!!! Definitely not too busy, for example they would look great with blue or black or even grey jeans, and a simpler blouse or tank/tee of a more solid colour, or even certain prints/patterns. Or I also think of them with a Lacy type crochet knit sweater or summery dress! Congrats on these!
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  9. Exactly!
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  10. Thank you everyone for your input! I am keeping them! :flowers:
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  11. Love them
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  12. WoW!!! where did you find these!! Absolute YAY! :biggrin:
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  13. I ordered mine from Saks. NM & Nordstrom also have them. I'm so happy to hear everyone is loving them! :heart:
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  14. giv bts2.jpg

    I bought a pair too! Love them so much :hbeat:
    I'd been planning on getting the green Chloe Susannas, but this print and the colours... irresistible!!!
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  15. Have you seen the ones with roses on them? I haven't worn mine yet. Congrats!!