1. Hi there, I've recently discovered MJ and liking what I see so far - fits my taste & style - I see that Bloomingdales has the Recruit Bauletto Satchel on sale.

    The shoulder strap is listed as adjustable, but then the shoulder drop is given at 18 inches.

    Does anyone know if 18 inches is the minimum or the maximum that the strap will adjust to? I am tall and need a long strap.

    Also, looking to start collecting a great group of crossbody and satchel bags, leather and nylon, different colors. Any MJ recommendations are greatly appreciated...I am even open to discontinued styles that I can hunt around for....I definitely prefer larger bags.

    Is the Azure blue as pretty in real life as it looks on the screen? :smile:

    Many thanks
  2. Good for you, I'm slowly growing my MJ collection too..anyway I think the bag looks beautiful you should definitely grab it and if you don't like it maybe you can return it?

    Regarding on starting your collection (xbody/satchel bags) I just received the MBMJ too hot to handle small tote, its a minimalistic xbody bag, and I am feeling indifferent towards. online it looks cute and it still looks cute in real life. But the leather is so soft that it kinda shapes and conforms to my body, which makes it kinda hard to remove things I need, especially b/c of the huge flap closure. I love his leather bags b/c theyre soft and buttery but it is annoying in this bag..Im not sure if the aesthetics will be enough for me to keep it. I'm going to test it out for a week and see how it goes. Right off the gate I'd say if you shop Nordstrom/Nordstrom rack/hautelook I'd skip over the too hot to handle small tote.
  3. Hi and welcome! It's great to see a new MJ fan :smile:

    The max strap length is 20" according to Zappos, which lists the strap as being 41" long total. 18" is likely the shortest setting.

    I'm also tall (5'11") so I listed a few styles below that work well as crossbodies for me, but my recommendations are limited to bags from seasons past. Marc Jacobs Collection (premier line) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (contemporary line) became a single line a couple years ago, and I was a collection girl - you can definitely still find them on eBay and Poshmark and the like if you're patient :smile:

    My everyday bag is the Paradise Kate. It's perfectly slouchy and easy to get in and out of.

    The Large Baroque Single is a little dressier, and the strap can double up as a shoulder bag. There are tons of different singles in small, large, and XL: baroque, stardust python embossed (one of my personal favorites), stardust quilted, patent, bow, sequin, lacquered (the leather has a slight sheen), it goes on.

    I'm partial to leather entwined chains and padlocks, so why did I sell my Lacquered Sullivan in Cassis? I have no idea.

    The crossbody version of the Little Stam is a great alternative to the most iconic MJ bag, the regular size Stam. I have the stardust python embossed ones, but they also have regular quilted leather ones.
    sd little stam.jpg

    If you're in a boho chic mood, there's the Beaded Daisy.

    The Mini Polly is on the small side but great for evenings out.

    I was not a big fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs, but the must have in my book is either a 1st Season Petal to the Metal Sasha or the Petal to the Metal Natasha, which was the smaller version of the Sasha. The 1st seasons had lambskin leather and paisley (Sasha) and ribbon (Natasha) lining, versus the cow leather and logo lining of later seasons.

    I'll stop now but if you have any questions or are looking for a particular style of bag, I'm happy to help! MJ has a huge range of styles that I don't think most people were aware of, and I've always thought that there's something for everyone.
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  4. thank you so much
  5. ok, I am awake now, I love that Petal to the Metal bag, so I take it the lambskin is a nicer leather and preferred? I guess i need to hunt around Poshmark.
  6. it's a personal preference. i'm partial to the lambskin because it's soft and i prefer how the dye saturated the leather, but cow is still nice. mainly i prefer the first seasons because of the lining, though. i wasn't a huge fan of the black and white logo lining and only slightly more of a fan of the black logo lining.