1. Counterfeit. Sorry!
  2. Authentic. Not sure about the foot!
  3. Authentic!
  5. You're welcome!
  6. 19206459_440942756298570_1168783415_n.jpg 19369704_10154728811641274_182350061_n.jpg 19369869_440942512965261_165011495_n.jpg
    Please let me know if this purse and wallet are real or fake. Thank you! I can send additional pictures if necessary.
  7. Unfortunately, I purchased them from a second hand seller, not a store. What makes you think they're fake?
  8. the ksny label that's all connected... and the label on the wallet... they're both completely inaccurate. what kind of second hand seller? a consignment shop?
  9. No, a person.
  10. I really hope you can get your money back from this person. they committed a crime selling these to you!
  11. Could you please authenticate this bag?
  12. Hi!
    Can you pleaae authenticate this Kate Spade. Thanks!
  13. authentic!!
  14. authentic!