1. https://www.glynscollections.co.uk/sale

    I have just posted this in the Think Mink section of TPF. I have bought from then previously, an exceptional furrier in my opinion.
  2. b6c065_e8472f65b29c456ab0e4dcc0fa00e3c5%7Emv2.jpeg

    A few examples

    Fox bolero £695 reduced from £1400
    Broadtail and fox coat £2450 reduced from £5500
    Shaved mink £1300 reduced from £2800 (this is my favourite piece)
    Cross mink £1300 (reduced from £2600)



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  3. I live in Manchester and knew nothing about this, thanks for sharing!
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  4. Yes his advertising is poor to be honest. His workshop 'store' is near to Salford Central TS in Manchester City Centre. His prices are literally a fifth of the prices in some London stores. Definitely worth calling in - he used to have loads of nice accessories too - headbands, scarves, cushions, rugs, etc all fairly priced.
  5. That's fab thank you so much for letting me know!
  6. I have used Glyns a few times too and they have always been great. They are a true fashion 'hidden gem' in Manchester. There is also a furrier in Southport called Angus Taylor and he too is really good. A true gentleman - I like that.
  7. Very well hidden by the sounds of it! I'll have to take a little visit there. Thank you for your recommendations.
    Brilliant tailors are hard to find so I'm really excited.
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  8. Sorry meant furrier!
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  9. Yes indeed. I know a few furriers in England who use Instagram - but as for actual stores I know these two locally. Good luck - I tend to call ahead. Honestly it's an amazing store/ workshop!
  10. I visited him ages ago, a lovely man. He told me that he started up as a furrier by getting an odd request for make a load of mink gilets for staff at a restaurant and then business just took off.

    Ps - I don't live in Manchester but I do hope you are safe after the awful news the other evening. I see the city has pulled together which is refreshing to see.
  11. I love businesses with little stories like that behind them, I can't wait to visit.

    Thank you, I live and work in Manchester and it's been very hard. The city has such spirit though it's been really moving.
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    Oh indeed it must have been. What a nightmare for everyone and God bless those poor families. I have seen how the city has cone together which I refreshing to see and the homeless guy that helped the injured children has been given a house I read?

    Still, Glyns is a lovely place. I guess the owner is 'Glyns - he is quite old and a gent. He designs for loads of celebrities around the NW.
  13. I have a couple of friends who work in Manchester - so sad and just idiotic. What a waste of life for those poor families. I despise sometimes.
  14. Sorry just seen this.

    It's difficult to not get angry when it's such a human made tragedy.
    The UK has certainly taken a beating lately.
    I hope your friends in Manchester are all ok.
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  15. Thanks and yes - all ok. What an absolute tragedy indeed.
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