1. Hi there! I picked the Fleming over the mercer because it was a bit bigger and fit more things. It also was more night time and dressier which is what I was looking for and also they didn't have the mercer in pink sachet which is my favorite color! Truly a stunner. Gets more compliments than my premier designer bags.
  2. Thanks for your insights! My local store didn't have the medium Fleming in-stock (I'm in Canada so Holt Renfrew) but they did have the Mercer. It is much lovelier in-person than on the internet.

    I think I will get both (but wait for the Fall colours for the Mercer as I don't need another black bag :smile:
  3. Hey guys does anyone of you have the patent leather fleming? Is it that stiff that its hard to take in and out your stuff ??
  4. Hi, the medium is the 27cm or the 23cm?
  5. It's the 23 cm one :smile:
  6. Thank you
  7. can the straps adjustable? I feeling it will be too long for me if i used it as crossbody?
  8. Fleming bag has chain strap, so it's not adjustable. I think it won't be too long to wear as a crossbody if you're above 5'3".