1. I think one clue for the season is some stores sell a lot of bags and the stock is probably from later years. Did you get a plastic authentication card with the bag? For the hang-tag PS attached it permanently to the bag hardware after customer feedback so I hope it will be ok.
  2. No authentication card. I think I will get the hang tag permanently sautered on this time since the new one is attached the same way my older one was. I don't want to loose it again. Thanks for all your input!
  3. Can someone please tell me what is the name of this colour? TIA!



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  4. Hi, this bag is fake so the color is unknown.
    p.s. moved your post here.
  5. Hello lovely ladies! Can someone please help to authenticate this? Im new to proenza. Would really appreciate it. Tia

    Item: ps1 large
    Seller: private

    I think this is one of their first release coz of theres no numer code on the tab? Or its fakeIMG_6132.JPGIMG_6133.JPG

    IMG_6131.JPG IMG_6113.JPG IMG_6109.JPG IMG_6117.JPG IMG_6111.JPG IMG_6112.JPG IMG_6114.JPG
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  6. Oh i forgot to mention the broken metal tag
  7. Hi, I'm sorry but this is fake.
  8. Oh my, thank you for your help!
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  10. Thank you!! I went for it! AH!
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  12. https://www.tradesy.com/bags/proenza-schouler-proenza-leather-ps1-satchel-nude-21080230/?tref=category
    Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm looking at purchasing this bag but it doesn't look like it has a PS hang tag. Does it mean its a fake?
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  13. Hi, it's authentic.
    I actually see the hang-tag hardware rings in the 5th pic from the last, it looks like the hang-tag is inside the bag in this pic.
    Welcome to the forums too.
  14. Thank you, much appreciated.