1. RM team, any plans on selling the MAMs at department stores? I tried asking Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomie's, and Shopbop's instagram and I was ignored (rude)!! I don't mind buying from your site but I just find it convenient to buy it in-store. Thanks.
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  2. Totally agree! Please bring back bags like MAM/MAB, regular MAC etc. Those truly spell RM.
  3. Would love to see different hardware and zipper track color options for the MAM. And made in NYC.
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  4. Please make cases for the IPhone SE. Super bummed you only made cases for the regular iPhone 7.
  5. Why does your site have the Spring items labeled as "in stock" and "preorder"? It's confusing. I want to order some stuff but I'm a bit confused as to whether I'm going to have it shipped right away or I have to wait a month for it? Please fix this.
  6. Have you considered making the guitar straps adjustable?
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  7. LOVE your bags. I just noticed that Black/Silver Quilted Affairs were added to your website, which is great. Any plans to stock the Black/Gunmetal version? I know Bloomingdale's had the Mini version previously, but it seems to have disappeared from their website.
  8. Great news!
  9. Looking forward to it! :smile:
  10. Wow. 2 months later and RM team never came back to answer anyone's questions. Where did they all go I wonder?
  11. Hi again! We're so sorry for the delayed response and for any confusion on the Pre-Order items. We'll be sure to pass this along to our team. xo
  12. Good question. I emailed them twice regarding a defective bag I received on May 25th, called twice and left a message and have not had a response. Definitely initiating a chargeback on my credit card.

    Really disappointed in their customer service!
  13. Yeah no kidding. I have to contact them through Facebook Messenger app about a return that I never got a refund for. Still waiting for them to reply back. Terrible!!
  14. That stinks! I sent the bag back last week. They said it will take 7-10 business days for them to process a refund. I have the credit card chargeback information ready if I don't see the credit to my account by the end of next week (and that's being generous).
  15. Hi there! So sorry to hear that. We'll send you a private message to ensure this was taken care of.