1. I gave away my two botkier Stevie satchels and I guess I'm kind of done with this brand since I understand the quality to have gone down in the 9 years since those bags were made.
  2. I still have a few older Botkiers, from between 2009 to 2011, which are holding up pretty well (especially my two Triggers) -- although admittedly, I have a bright purple James hobo from 2009 that has had some fading issues. From 2014 (or perhaps earlier) is where the quality gets mixed, I think -- I've seen some bags with pretty poor quality leather (especially those that have a glazed look to the leather -- some are just awful and plasticky to the touch!), but I also have a Valentina mini crossbody in a pebbled leather from 2014 that's pretty decent.

    I've been dipping my toe back into Botkier lately with the new line of SLGs, and the quality has also been better than I'd expected given what I had last seen in 2014. My general rule of thumb is that if it's glazed-looking, it's probably best to stay away, while the pebbled leathers may still be worth a shot. My two SLG purchases have been pretty positive, a Soho card case in Chili leather and a Soho zip wallet in black (both pebbled leathers) -- the leather on the wallet in particular was pleasantly soft! If I got that leather in a full-sized bag, I'd be pretty happy with it. I've been mulling over some of the pebbled leather totes, in fact, although I'm not sure how well a tote would fit in my lifestyle...
  3. Whoops
  4. Well I found a brown Bianca with silver hardware in PERFECT condition at a thrift store, suede lining. I LOVE it!!!! I use it all the time now. Like every single day since December, and I usually change out my bags a lot more often. It's just the perfect bag for me. Do you still have yours?
  5. I wish. I sold mine a while ago. I love that bag and wish they would reissue it! Could you post a pic?
  6. This is the best pic I could get but it doesn't show the brown color.
  7. I fell in love with the Warren mini backpack I found last fall! I still have an old Stevie crossbody pouch and the leather is so completely different it would be like comparing apples to oranges. The Warren bags haven't really seemed to have gotten any love on TPF, and barely any on YouTube. My mini backpack is a really good size for everyday, and the price at TJ Maxx meant it was a really good way to try the trend and retry the brand!
  8. I usually stock up on Botkier these days at sample sales with the occasional Maxxinista/Century 21 purchase if it's marked down. Of all the brands I own, my Botkier bags are my go-to everyday bags for work and weekend - the leather is very resiliant and I personally have not had quality issues as far as hardware or strap failures or tears/snags even with the ownership change. The only thing I miss is that fewer styles have smooshy leather.
  9. I recently had one of these bags given to me for a charity auction. I'm pretty impressed. I've never owned a Botkier, but the bag seems to be sturdy and well made. It's a Trigger Crossbody in purple.
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