1. Thank you
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  2. I am drooling.
    That is such a beautiful bag!!!

    And you are so organised
    Been on the lookout for a nice pouch that's also lightweight. Thought about a BV pouch but I really like your LV, good shape aswell - Do maybe you know if comes in damier graphite?

    will post a WIMB before heading to work as that's when my bag is loaded up the most.
    Also never leave the house without a cereal bar or tiny Tupperware with almonds (horrible temper if I get hungry

    Can I ask what leather is your the Birkin? And how you find the weight of it when loaded?
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  4. I am a big fan of Matches, their selections usually more in line with the things I like and their service is impecable.
    Can highly recommend.
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  5. Thank you! It's definitely my favourite bag in my collection. :smile:

    Yeah I tend to have lots of bits and bobs that I take with me everywhere, like wet wipes, painkillers, eye drops, mints, gum etc, so I normally have two pouches in rotation.

    This Louis Vuitton one is my absolute favourite, and it's always so difficult to get hold of because it's so popular! It's the Poche Toilette 19, which I find to be the right size for me. The 26 probably works better as a travel toiletries bag, and I'm hoping to get one matching Monogram one for my travels.

    The Vuitton one doesn't come in Daniel Graphite unfortunately, but it does come in Epi leather, which is one of my favourite leathers from Vuitton, as it's beautifully textured and very hardwearing. I had a cardholder in Epi from 15 years ago and it was still in pristine condition before some arsewipe stole it...


    Otherwise, if you prefer Damier Graphite, there's this model which is slightly bigger I believe but could work as well.


    It also comes in Damier Cobalt.


    If you carry bigger bags in general, maybe you'd prefer the Pochette Voyage MM, but I find it a little big for daily use.


    If I'm using a much smaller bag, then I curate the thingamabobs into a smaller maroon Prada nylon toiletries pouch which works beautifully as well, and it's so lightweight, which is great, here seen in my Diorama...

    WIMB Exhibit B:


    My Birkin is in Taurillon Clemence. It's one of my favourite leathers because of its beautiful texture and it takes colour beautifully. Having said that though, it is a little heavy. But then again a lot of my bigger bags tend to be quite heavy when loaded up, so I'm pretty used to it. My friends always joke that they think I'm hiding Azzedine in there because my bags are usually quite heavy! LOL

    I think I would go for a Birkin 35 for my next one, if I were to get another one! ;)
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  6. Thank you
  7. Ok so, have you guys checked Fendi's Instagram feed lately? One of the pictures I saw from the sneak peek of Men's SS18, I think they're releasing the new F (downside) logo for the Men's collection as well :nuts:!!!!!(I really like that new logo).
  8. You mean this photo? Yeah this is cool! I want one of these as a bag charm.
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  9. Yes!! Exactly that one! Really can't wait to see the show...
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  10. Hi guys! I need some bag recommendations. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the Dot Com bag, but it wont fit my 13 inch macbook pro :sad:

    I also like the Sac de Jour, but don't like that it only exists in such dull colours. I want something like a rich blue leather. I like the peekaboo but it's out of my current budget which is under $3500 CAD as I only need it for University. Do you guys have any recommendations? I've been searching forever, and when I finally found a bag I love, it wont fit my items.
  11. How about a puzzle bag? It's 2850 USD which (according to Google) would be 3770 CAD (a little overbudget but not that much) I'm actually planning on getting one in the fall, actually this is the one I'd like, since you mentioned rich blue tones, I think perhaps you'd like it too...
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  12. Thank you!!!! That bag looks stunning, It is definitely going on top of my list. The budget can be adjustable by a few hundred, so this would be in a good price range
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  13. Happy to help, I'll sure be on the lookout for bags with those requirements you mentioned ;)!!

    Sending lots of light your way, and hoping that you find "The one" bag, that is perfect and within (or perhaps just a little, haha) overbudget.
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  14. The SDJ does indeed exist in more vivid shades though if you're still keen on it!

    Exhibit: My SDJ in cobalt blue smooth calfskin


    Alternatively, what about the Balenciaga Work or City XL? Their leathers take colour beautifully!
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  15. I agree with @Prada Prince 's suggestions because since you wanted the SDJ, and it comes in nice blue colours. You can also try the Balenciaga Weekender or City XL (I just got one in blue).

    To throw one more suggestion out there, what about the Prada Galleria?
    This size is priced at $3100, which is not a bad price. It comes in brighter blues, too, but this one was available on their website.
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