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    I'm using my tie dye bug on Gucci lizard lock briefcase today. Paring with Kenzie top

    My bag charm collection
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    I'm tempted to get one more bug
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  2. WOW!!! The lizard briefcase is AWESOME! I love how your strass pyramid bracelet matches the texture of the lizard (is it Hermes?). How did you manage to get the Bag Bug to hang from your bag? My Gucci soft briefcase doesn't have any hooks or rings on the sides to attach any charms.
  3. Thank you. The bracelet is from Valentino. For the gucci bag, it has a D ring to the key pouch which I use it for my charm
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  5. Unfortunately (it really pains me) Mr. Porter is not a possibility because, for some really odd reason, they don't handle DPP shipping service to my country, and well, as I was telling @averagejoe customs in my country is a mess and very expensive, so, T_T it saddens me to death that I'll never be able to take advantage of sales on that site unless they upgrade their logistics services to include a logistics company that can actually carry DPP to my country.
  6. I'm sorry is DDP (Delivery Duties Paid), wrong acronym...
  7. Out and about with my pride and joy, my Birkin 40, which is still the piece de resistance in my collection...



    @J.T. I've included a WIMB shot for you!


    Contents: Louis Vuitton Poche Toiletries 19 which contains all my sundries, wetwipes, eyedrops etc; Chanel canvas bag for unexpected groceries or a wet brolly; Saint Laurent burgundy chevron wallet; Charlotte Olympia kitty cardholder; Celine sunglasses; Gucci alligator cardholder; Birkin raincoat; uber-compact umbrella...

    Most of these usually make it into my bag, depending on the size of the bag I'm carrying, there might be some curation as required...
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  8. Thank you
  9. Ah gorgeous!!!!!! And those bag charms!
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  10. Got my SO Birkin today, can't wait to add some charms on it and take it out
  11. You're not really missing out. I figure that MrPorter doesn't deserve our business unless they can include duties and customs in the price like the other online retailers. I'll keep shopping at Luisaviaroma, Farfetch, and MatchesFashion instead where all the prices are much better because they don't add duties on top.
  12. I'm actually very intrigued with MatchesFashion but the two items I was interested are gone (The DK88 doctor's bag and the burberry sneakers) but hey, perhaps I'll find some interesting stuff on their sale, too bad that, even though I searched they don't seem to handle Fendi Men's StrapYous.
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  14. The selection of MatchesFashion isn't bad at all (a bit better than Luisaviaroma's when it comes to Fendi) but neither of them carry the men's StrapYous for some reason.